Marcin knows what it takes to get the shot. Since first using a video camera at age 12, he’s been fascinated with the science and technology of moving images and the artistry that goes into creating them. This passion continued to strengthen, and lead Marcin to pursue a degree in Film & Video Production with a concentration in Cinematography.

Based out of Chicago, Marcin works as a freelance Cinematographer and Videographer and has been the director of photography of numerous and diverse productions. Marcin’s television, corporate, narrative, and documentary filming has taken him to 30 States as well as the United Nations in Vienna, Austria. His work has been broadcast nationally across PBS, Discovery Communications, the Weather Channel, and the History Channel.

Unlike many video production companies that film every single project on the same camera and format, Marcin.TV does not subscribe to this approach. Every production is unique, and the ‘one camera fits all model’ is simply not conducive toward effective and proper video production. Marcin knows how to utilize a wide variety of camera and lens options, custom tailored to best visualize the client’s brand, message, and expectations.

When needed, Marcin.TV’s crew of seasoned professionals are personally selected based on the client’s specific production requirements. From smaller projects such as producing a short internal communication web video, to filming for broadcast networks, and everything in between, Marcin’s focus is the same: professionally and creatively delivering the highest quality production based on concept, time, and budget. Even with small budgets, Marcin makes his clients look great thanks to his experience and expertise in visually crafting a story, as well as a resourceful approach toward creating production value.

How is Marcin Wawrzyczek pronounced?

Marcin is pronounced like Martin, except there is an ‘s‘ sound where the ‘t‘ is.

Wawrzyczek is a polish name that I simply pronounce ‘war-zick. I am occasionally credited as Marcin Warzick.

Favorite Cinematographers:

Don Burgess, Janusz Kaminski, Darius Khondji, Matthew Libatique

Favorite Directors:

Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis, Christopher Nolan

Favorite Movies:

Batman (1989), Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Forrest Gump, The Green Mile, The Invention of Lying, The Island, Law Abiding Citizen, Marry Poppins, Mr. Holland’s Opus, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Office Space, Pleasantville, Rat Race, Religulous, Running Scared, South Park, The Truman Show, Wag The Dog

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